Group Wellness

Elevate above the typical.

FITpas® Group Wellness allows clubs and wellness programs to provide universal activity tracking to all members.

Advantages of a

FITpas Group Wellness Program

  • Review and track data in real time for groups and users.
  • Evaluate progress of classes, programs and trainers.
  • Develop key insights into program ehnancements.
  • Completely hands-off system. No manual entry.
  • Auto-generated reports of group activity and progress.
  • Multi-role user levels for trainers and instructors.

Admin Portal

Group administrators are given access to reviewing reports and overview data, customizing and filtering charts, creating challenges and managing sub-groups.

For all user signups, we provide you with Group Codes to give to your users. As users sign up and track activity, all data is automatically included in your reports and charts, separated by Group Code. Group Codes apply to any/all groups.

Group Activity Auto-Reports

Scheduled auto email reports are sent to group administrators weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and/or annually.

These reports can be customized to fit the needs of your administrators.

White Label the Platform

Add value to your wellness plan with a customized, branded application.

We place a priority on the activities and classes at your facilities, to allow easier and more efficient tracking for your customers.

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